Remote Sensing has been variously defined but basically it is the art or science of telling something about an object without touching it.

(Fischer et al., 1976)


Just some light reading for the holidays…

Before starting the course, I had no idea what remote sensing was set to entail. I wasn’t even totally sure what Remote Sensing was! I was looking forward to learning out the various methods involved with RS as well as the roles it plays, not just in academia, but in our everyday lives.

Armed with a basic understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and a textbook thicker than Joey Essex, I embark on a journey into the colourful world of Remote Sensing!

Fun Fact: Remote sensing is used for countless tasks, one more obscure is to predict retail earnings by counting the number of cars in car parks! 


Fischer, W. A., Hemphill, W. R., & Kover, A. (1976), Progress in Remote Sensing, Photogram-metria, 32, pp. 33.



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